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Thanks for taking the time to drop by our site! We value all of our existing and prospective clients and we'd like to show our appreciation by offering you some great deals on our services in this special limited time promotion!

Chances are you've already received one of our promo cards if you're here, so simply fill out the form below and hit "go!" to claim your prize! Every card is a winner! If you don't have a promo card, please contact us to obtain one.

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What Are the Contest Rules?

There are 1000 prizes in total. Prizes are awarded randomly and once your code has been checked, it cannot be changed; so pick your favourite time of the day. You may only check one code, the first one you check is the one you get; multiple tries will disqualify the participant from receiving any prize. You must supply an email address to check your code so that you, and you alone, can claim it. Remember, you must have your card with the corresponding promo code to claim your prize. Contest extended until the end of February 2004!

What Can I Expect to Win?

Here are the prizes you can win:

10010% off Peace of Mind Maintenance Package
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10010% off Total Assurance Maintenance Package
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5030% off Total Assurance Maintenance Package
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5030% Wildcard!
10010% off Web Design
7520% off Web Design
7530% off Web Design
5040% off Web Design
1000Prizes in total!

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