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Analysis and Reporting Services

Are You Running at Peak Performance?

Chances are, the computers in your office are not running at peak performance unless they have recently had a qualified technician go over their configurations thoroughly. What this means is that you could be doing some of the computers' work for them and putting in more effort into your daily tasks than you should be. Computers are meant to decrease your workload and increase productivity. If this is not happening in your situation, it would be worthwhile having a complete analysis done on your systems.

The Analysis

We perform a complete analysis of all the computers, peripherals, and network hardware in your office. Everything from basic health of your individual systems and its components up to the operation and configuration of all network components and connections are checked. An experienced technician will come to your office at your convenience to thoroughly investigate all connected equipment in your office. We use professional diagnostic equipment to reveal errors that are otherwise undetectable, and analyze all software and hardware settings.

The Results

Once all aspects of your network and all its components have been inspected and tested, an informative consultation will be given to point out the problems detected, along with suggestions and improvements. This does not just reveal weaknesses, we'll discuss a complete summary and detailed breakdown of the individual parts of your network and their operation as a whole. In the end, an overall stretegy will be given to address all problems and future expansion to avoid further complications or imminent failure in weakend devices. Reports are delivered in 5 - 10 business days.

No Obligation, Co-Habitate

This one-time Analysis and Reporting feature can be used to aid your in-house IT team, or to provide workers and managers with information that they will deal with in their own time or contract other technical firms for solutions. Our goal is to make sure that your offices are running as efficiently as possible, and that you are never alone when faced with computer problems.

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