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System Overhaul

Plugged Up System

After years of use, and sometimes less, a computer can get so plugged up that it is beyond the point of simply tweaking a few settings and deleting some files. While most people go out and buy a complete new system when it's not necessary, we can fix your old one right up to perform like when it was new.

Bringing it Back

Your system can still be rejuvinated, and all the data saved. In the end you'll have your computer back and running just like it did when it was new, but with a brand new, reliable hard drive, all your years of data and all the settings just the way you like them.

What You Get

Installation of a brand new hard drive is included in the package price for each system. We archive your old hard drive and its data for restoration and to doubly ensure all your data is retained. This also serves as a one-time, snap shot backup of your workstation.

Package Contents - View Detailed Listing

1$245Complete system backup included (retained for 1 month)
$85+Get a new hard drive 320GB or more, and keep your old one for backup!

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