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Purchasing & Installation Services

We Do It All

Whether you have purchased your hardware or software from us or another supplier, we can install it in your computer or network properly and avoid conflicts with other applications or devices.

The Right Hardware For Your Business

Brand names and operation history are very important to a production network - they could mean the difference between a flourishing network and a series of inherent low-level problems that may lead to a costly fix or replacement. Our staff is experienced with all industry standard devices and they are familiar with the reputations of each company's products. You can rest assured you will get the most suitable hardware for your firm, at affordable prices.

Expert Hardware Installation

Installing the right hardware the "right way" is crucial now more than ever with the wide array of standards in use - and the fact that they are constantly evolving. Complex plans and devices such as a backup system or a network router involve more than just "plug and play" installation as is often advertised on the box when it is used in a production environment. These and most other devices involve many intricately linked pieces of hardware that must be configured to work together seamlessly in order to avoid errors down the road.

The Right Software For Your Business

When it comes to running your business, it is imperative that the most effective and reliable software is used. Our staff can assist you in choosing the most suitable application and take care of all the ordering and shipping details.

Expert Software Installation

Although installation has become easier for single-user home programs, when installing to a network or multiple computers in an office, the procedure can become tedious and inefficient. Our staff can set up your software to work with many people on many workstations, and even provide familiarization training for your employees.

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